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    What Are the Best Apps for Teachers?

    The job of educating the next generation can be highly fulfilling, but it is rarely easy. Long hours and endless paperwork can make even the best of teachers feel overwhelmed. Most teachers have access to limited resources both in the classroom and at home. Thankfully, modern smart phone and tablet apps exist that can help reduce the stress and mitigate the long hours of teaching. Try some of the following best apps for teachers if you are looking to get a little extra assistance with your teaching.


    Scheduling and communication can be frustrating for many teachers. Communicating important dates like deadlines for projects or the date of upcoming tests takes time away from teaching and needs to be repeated in every single class during the day. The Remind app is an elegant solution to this problem. Designed specifically for communicating with students, it allows teachers to communicate with students and parents en mass and gives regular reminders of upcoming dates. Best of all, the app protects the privacy of both students and teachers by not sharing private contact information.


    Have you ever given a reading assignment to your students and wished you could share your copy of the book with every student because the margins are filled with your personal notes? The Subtext app allows you to basically do just that. This app offers the ability to underline text and create margin notes in any digital text. It also allows for that modified text to be easily shared with others. Not all students will have easy access to a digital reader, but if that technology is available in your school, this is an excellent app.

    Class Dojo

    The Class Dojo app is a program with a two-fold purpose. First, it helps build a sense of community in your classroom by encouraging specific behaviors. Second, it reduces the time teachers need to spend managing classroom behavior. Incorporating some of the traditional concepts of a martial arts dojo, this app allows you to efficiently disseminate a code of conduct to your students. With just the press of a button you can award merits to students that follow the code and demerits to those that don’t. This real time tracking is easy to share with parents, students, and other teachers as necessary. Furthermore, the app provides group statistics as well as individual statistics, allowing behavior adjustments to be tracked at multiple levels.


    Students learn better when they are having a good time. The Kahoot app is an ideal way to make teaching more fun. This app is a tool that allows you to create a virtual game show in your classroom. Completely free to use and incredibly simple to use, there are basically no down sides of using this program.


    The Seesaw app is an app that belongs in every classroom, preferably starting at grade school. This easy to use portfolio app is ideal for communicating strengths and weaknesses to students and their parents. With Seesaw, teachers and students can preserve their best work and work that needs improvement. This provides concrete examples for students and parents that facilitate learning and growth. Furthermore, during high school years this portfolio is a great boon to students that are applying to colleges.

    Teach Learn Lead

    While few teachers have much time for social media, the Teach Learn Lead app is an exception to that rule. This app is a social media app designed specifically for teachers. Everyone who uses this app is a teacher, which creates a very comfortable environment to discuss your trade, learn new teaching techniques, make new friends, or just to unwind with people who are facing the same difficulties that you face every day. If you are looking for the collected wisdom of those that have come before you, or want to share some of your own wisdom, Teach Learn Lead is the place to do so.


    Almost every class requires some level of cooperation between students at some point. Whether it is for a group project or just to study together, team communication is important in nearly every classroom. The Slack app, designed to facilitate communication and improve productivity at the professional level, is also an excellent classroom tool. As a teacher you can use it both to communicate with students and for coordination with other teachers. It also allows you to monitor the projects of students working together, making it easier to provide assistance when they might need it or encourage them to work harder if they aren’t making any progress.

    Teacher Aide Pro 2

    Every second spent during class that isn’t spent teaching is basically a wasted second. While taking roll generally isn’t too time consuming, it is something that needs to be done every day and can definitely add up. Also, the traditional roll book doesn’t allow for quick information access. The Teacher Aide Pro 2 app is a simple solution to that problem. This app is a simple way to record student information and take attendance. The student information at your fingertips includes a full grade book, and contact information that allows for you to directly send an e-mail.


    Want to use flash cards in class, but don’t want to spend hours cutting them out? The StudyBlue app is your ideal solution. This app creates digital flash cards in just a fraction of the time it would normally take to make physical flash cards. Flashcards created by this app can have both a video and audio component and are easily shared with your students. The program also allows students to share flash cards they have made with you or with other students, improving the benefits that your class gets from this program.

    Once you incorporate some of the best apps for teachers into your classroom, you are almost certain to find yourself with more free time. Whether you spend that time educating your students or just getting some much deserved relaxation is completely up to you. Taking advantage of these apps is sure to improve your teaching however you use them.

    Lucky Patcher Apk Download For Android Latest Free Version

    Lucky Patcher Apk

    Lucky Patcher Apk Download: In today’s era, most of the Android user wants a full control over the application. Many User wants to make an own change in the application and modify it as per requirements. Lucky Patcher Apk is used to remove ads from the application. Lucky Patcher is free for android users. Many times users don’t like to use the application because of the add interruption. And also if you want to crack any android application then this tool is best for it.

    Important Point: Hi my name is Jepar and I always like to make own change in any android application to get easy and full access to that application and Lucky Patcher is one of the best suitable tool for it so, here we share this application for sharing and learning purpose only and not intend to affect any company or organization.

    If you want to remove license verification process and Google Ads from any application then Lucky Patcher Apk is most suitable. You can modify stock as well as third-party Android applications as per your requirements because Android is an open source platform which enables its user to modify any application without any permission. If you want to crack any Android application with Lucky Patcher Apk then you need to root your device. If you don’t know anything about rooting then click on the link. It will give you detail explanation for android rooting. Here we give you instructions on how to crack any Android application.

    Also, see SBGame Hacker APK

    You can also crack any Android game and get unlimited gems, money, power and much more. Here we list some of the Android games and applications that are easily crack with Lucky Patcher Apk.

    • Rocket Music Player
    • Candy Crush Soda Saga 1.34.4+
    • My Talking Tom
    • Temple Run OZ v1.6.2
    • GBWhatsapp Plus v6.15D
    • lucky patcher

    Note: If you want to access all the feature of Lucky Patcher Apk then you must need to root your android device.

    Features Of Lucky Patcher Apk:

    • Remove Google Ads from any application.
    • Convert any third party application into system application.
    • Remove License Verification.
    • Backup and restore any application data easily.
    • Move application to SD card with one click.
    • Forced uninstall system applications from your device easily.
    • You able to install modded store on your device from where you can install any application without license verification process.
    • Use store paid application free.(bypass app purchase)
    • Completely remove or manage application permission.
    • Get all application patch easily without updating it.
    • Crack any android game like get unlimited gems, money, unlock next levels easily with the custom patch file.

    Download Lucky Patcher Apk

    Lucky Patcher Apk is a great Android tool which is used to modify app permissions, bypass in-app purchase, Application verification process, backup and restore applications data, download modded stores to get a mod application and much more. Here we provide you a safe and secure link to download Lucky Patcher Apk. So click on below download link to get the latest version of Lucky Patcher Apk.

    After download Lucky Patcher Apk you can modify any android application for that you need to just follow the below-given step.

    How to download and use Lucky Patcher Apk

    1. First, of all, you need to root your android device. For that, you can use any root application from play store such as King Root.
    2. Now root your android device with king root app. If you don’t know how to root any android then search it on google or visit “How to root Android using king root apk“.
    3. Then download Lucky Patcher Apk from the above-given link.
    4. Install the application on your device. When you open Lucky Patcher apk it will show a list of installed application on your Android device.
    5. It will show your device installed app with different colors. Each color indicates specific meaning. Which is explain below.
    6. Now select your app that you want to modify.
    7. Then select the available patch of that particular app.
    8. After selecting a patch you need to just follow the basic step to complete the process. But before that, you need to know the color coding scheme of Lucky Patcher Apk which is explained below. So first check it if you don’t know the meaning of it, otherwise, you can continue your process.

    Color indication in Lucky Patcher Apk:

    Once you install this application on your device then it will show you a list of installed application of your device with some different colors. Here below we mention the meaning of each color.

    Orange: Orange color highlights the system apps.

    Purple: Purple color indicates app (pre-install apps)that will start when your device boots up.

    Green: All apps that are disconnected or register from google play store is highlighted with green color.

    Blue: All installed app that has google ads in your device will be shown in blue color (App that contains Google Ads).

    Yellow: This type of highlighted app for which specific exploit or patch is available in Lucky Patcher apk.

    Red: This type of highlighted apps can’t be modified with Lucky Patcher apk.

    Lucky Patcher APK Download For PC(Windows/MAC).

    You can also use this application on your windows OR MAC PC. This is possible with the help of PC Software. There are many software available over the internet to run any android application on PC. Such Many Mo Emulator, Blue Stack Emulator etc. But here we suggest you use Blue Stack Emulator instead of any other. Because this emulator is free of cost to download and use. So here we give you a direct download link for Blue Stack Emulator.

    Overview of Bluestack Emulator

    Blue Stack Emulator is PC software that enables its user to run any android application on PC. This Emulator also works on MAC PC. You can run any android application easily on PC with the help of blue stack emulator. For that, you need to download this emulator from below download link.

    After the completion of the Downloading process, just install and open the blue stack emulator. Then download the Lucky Patcher Apk from above download link and install on your PC with the help of blue stack emulator. Now you can modify your pre-installed apps and game on your PC/Laptop.

    How To Remove Google Ads From Any App With Lucky Patcher Apk

    Now we are going to show you how to remove google ads from any Android application with easy steps. Here below we give you step by step instruction to remove ads from any Android application easily.

    • First of all, download Lucky Patcher Apk from the above-given link.
    • Now find the app on download directory to install the application.
    • Then tap on Lucky Patcher Apk and install it.
    • Press next to complete the installation process.


    • After installation process clicks on the open button to get started with Lucky Patcher Apk.

    Get Started

    • Now when you open it the first time then it will take a few seconds to load your installed application.

    Load Apk

    • After successfully load installed application data, it will show you a list of installed application of your device. It will show all application with some color coding. Each color has the different meaning.
    • Now the main process starts here for how to remove google ads in any application with Lucky Patcher Apk. It will show a message “Google ads found” under the application which contains ads and also shows that custom patch of that particular app is available or not. Now select the application from which you want to remove google ads.
    • Now tap on that application it will show you some option that you can able to perform.

    Select the app

    • Now tap on Open Menu Of Patches => Create Modified APK File

    Open Menu Of Patch

    • It will show you many options as shown as in the image below. Now Tap on Apk without Google Ads.

    select apk without ads

    • Now here it will show you a list of changes that you can able to perform on the app. That changes are shown below in the image. Now select the changes that you want to make on application and tap on Rebuilt The AppIt will take some time to perform your operation.

    Select Operation & Rebuilt

    • After some time the process is complete and you can use the application without google ads.

    FAQ’s About Lucky Patcher Apk

    Here below we list some Frequently Asked Questions with its solution. If you have any query then read below FAQ’S About Lucky Patcher Apk and if your query is not found here then drop your comment, we will give our 100% to solve your problem.

    1. Can Lucky Patcher apk is safe to use?

    Yes, it is 100% safe to use and it is the best tool as compared to others tool to modify any Android application.

    1. Can I use Lucky Patcher Apk on my non-rooted device?

    Yes, you can use some features of Lucky Patcher Apk on your Android device but if you want to use all features of the application then you need to root your device.

    1. Is Lucky Patcher Apk is available for iOS devices?

    No,  this type of any tool is not available for iOS devices. iOS is not an open source platform while Android is an open source Platform.

    1. Are all games and apps supported in Lucky Patcher?

    Yes, most of the games and apps are supported. Mostly all patch file of all famous games and apps are available in the app.

    If you have any other question then drop your comment or visit for more queries.

    Similar App Of Lucky Patcher

    Here we list two more app hat work same as lucky patcher app. Here we share game killer apk and Freedom apk. So, if you want to try this application then here below we give you direct and official link to download Game killer apk and Freedom Apk.

    Final Word Or Sentance For Lucky Patcher App:

    Here we share latest versions of Lucky Patcher ApkAs we know this app is best as compared to other application to modify any Android application easily. We try our best to provide everything here for this application. if you have any query or if you require any help then contact us we give our best to solve your query. And finally, give your review of this post using star rating. Thank You

    TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List April 2019

    Kodi is a free and open media center software application developed by the XBMC foundation.Kodi is available on different operating systems, which allow people to watch videos and consume other entertainment platforms.A one line definition cannot explain the whole of Kodi, as it is such an incredible software. Think of Kodi as a pizza, it takes hundred of ingredient to make a pizza but without a base which is probably bread, you cannot sum up all your ingredient at one place to serve the best.

    Same as Kodi is a base, a foundation where you can store all your essential items. The software was launched in 2002. Its task is to host different application that will be used by you for viewing videos and audios. With this software you’ll be able to watch TV shows live, sports, movie and what not, that too for free.

    There have been various versions of Kodi from the very beginning with updates and more. The most suitable and stable version of Kodi is 17.6 where as 18 version is also available but it is still in beta stage and therefore not fully prepared to use.

    Table of Contents

    • How to use Kodi?
      • What is a Kodi box?
    • Different types of Kodi Addons

    How to use Kodi?

    You can use Kodi on operating system such as windows, Mac OS X, Linux. Android and ios tvos, (Apple tvos), xbox one and freedBSD, as it is currently available on these operation system. Now to understand this here is a simple explanation.

    Generally most of the computers are equipped with windows, Mac, or Linux; it means that we can install Kodi software onto our personal computers or laptops. Since Kodi support both ios and Android we can install this software onto most mobile devices and tablets as well.

    Now, as the technology is growing in such a massive way. There are also many television streaming boxes that use Android as its base operating system such as fire TV stick. A fire TV stick is an innovation of Amazon. It is a device that runs a modified version of Android. Which means you can easily install Kodi onto this device.

    The main reason why fire TV sticks are so popular is they are less expensive and powerful device that can easily run Kodi  media center.

    What is a Kodi box?

    Many people recently purchasing Kodi boxes online. Kodi boxes are nothing but a generic streaming operating system with the application already downloaded onto it. Kodi boxes usually come fully loaded which means they have the application as well many popular add-ons already downloaded.

    This system is optional to buy. Many a times it happens that the add-ons does not work accordingly to your liking. Therefore, it is suggested to buy a normal basic streaming device like Fire TV box or Fire TV stick.

    Once you have your own digital media device of your choice you can customize it by downloading Kodi software and add-ons as per your liking. There are number of various Android TV Boxes in the market today and one of the main reasons to buy these boxes is to run the Kodi media center more effectively onto your device.

    The most recommended Android TV Box is Nexbox A95X. Or if you are looking for something more powerful then NVIDIA SHIELD is the best to go for. One of the incredible feature of Kodi is it host online videos and audios from different variety of sources through add-ons at one place.

    Kodi Addons – Simplified

    Think Kodi as a small application that increases the functionality of the software. There are several of addons that can be installed within Kodi which will turn the software into a huge platform where you can stream numbers of online videos, movies sport and what not.

    Kodi media center provides vast addons but, there are various other add-ons available on different platform on internet.

    There are number of Kodi add-ons that provide free access to watch movies, television shows. Live sports and charges as per the requirements or plan. These addons are designed to search the content for entertainment in terms of videos and audios that runs through Kodi media application.

    Kodi add-ons comes in different and various versions that keeping changing and updating and are also being created. Different version of add-ons comes with different terms and keep changing with time so many a time it may happen that a add-on may not run on your device the way you want it to be for some specific reason.

    Zip format is associated with Kodi add-ons which make it effortless to install. You can install the addons by using the add-on section under the settings icon.

    Different types of Kodi Addons

    • Multi-source:  The first and quite popular add-on is multi-source add-on. This add-on is popular for its unbiased nature. They bring the best search for the content you’ve commanded for.

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    Multi-source add-on is divided into three sub parts they are as follow.

    1. Playlist:The second important Kodi add-on type is playlist it is similar to multi-source but different in few terms. The good part for this add-on is that the quality they provide is guaranteed. Links of content can be easily available on internet so the user can enjoy the quality content.
    2. Single-source:The only quality that differ this add-on from the multi-source is that the content you need will only be available on one source of internet only.
    3. Usenet:Usenet is completely different from all the above addons that are multi-source, playlist and single-source. This add-on is different in many ways comparatively. You need a special access to use, usenet servers and private repositories.

    Best Kodi Addons for 2019.

    There are thousand different types of Kodi Addons available listed above was just 4 out of many. While other addons keep buffering, changing and even stop working, new software creation becomes available.

    As it’s already mentioned above that addons comes with variations of versions here are some newly arrived Addons for 2019.

    • MC 1080P:  This newly arrived add-on is all about movies. And as the name itself suggest you can enjoy movie at 1080P which makes the quality so good that you cannot resist watching. Easy possibility with full HD.
    • Seren:This seren add-on comes from brand-new repository called Nix Gates. This add-on is basically for streaming movies and TV. Shows and if you’ve used addons like Exodus and Covenant before, knows what to expect from this add-on.Once you open seren you’ll be able to see what’s new and updated and what other Kodi users are watching. 
    • Overeasy:Overeasy is a freshly new addition in the world of addons that’s built upon Exodus ‘code. The user can find number of different TV shows and movies and other content.
    • Medusa:On the newly arrive add-on list this is the best working Kodi addons. This is another add-on that is specialized in streaming movies and TV shows to its viewer. You can filter the content to watch interesting content every time by its genres, actors and newly arrived displays.
    • Now Music USA:Till now we’ve only talked about videos, TV shows, live shows but what about music? As it’s difficult to find music on addons here is the add-on that brings a massive collection of brand-new treasured music sorted into its lists. However, Now Music USA does not have audio files but streams music videos which are far better than just audios. You can play any music video and relax the next file will play automatically.
    • Death From Above:This add-on came with variety of ranges such as sports related content, movies, content that are suitable for children and everything in between.
    • Voodo:Voodo was also available before but it seems that it was hibernated and now came inactive through different developer with few improvements. Like any other add-on this add-on will also provide the user to chance upon live TV channels, TV movies and shows.
    • Scythe:If you are someone who is uncontrollably fond of movies and TV shows than this add-on is for you along with content that are safe to watch for children.

    Download Google Duo for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

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    Google Duos for PC is a must. But the problem is the app is only available for Android and iOS. So here is good news for you. There is a way to download and install Google Duo for PC. And if you are interested even though you will not be using the official Google Duo app for Windows, then by all means, continue reading.

    The Google Duo is one of the most recent apps from Google family. It was just released last August 2016. So it is barely just over a year old. The Google Duo app is a video calling app that focuses on delivering quality video reception on both ends. It is ultimately optimized to work even in the lowest bandwidth of network possible. This makes visual communication for possible even when the internet is hardly available.

    The Google Duo app suits best for those who prefer video calls such as business interaction and family communication. We all know that mere pictures sometimes just isn’t enough anymore especially when we are talking with our loved ones. And this the limitations that Google is trying break so that users will be able to connect to people that matter to them.

    For those not familiar with Google Duo, it is similar to other messaging apps like Snapchat, Kik, Hike, and Imo app messenger. The big difference is that this app focuses more on voice and video call. Now, the app has no dedicated developed software version that can run on Windows, so we will provide you with a way to bridge this limitation.

    Contents [show]

    Download Google Duo for PC

    NameGoogle Duo 49.0.23Size17.5 MBRequirementWindows 7/8/10/XPAuthorGoogle LLC

    Download Google Duo APK

    Important Reminder:

    Downloading only the Google Duo app will NOT run on Windows PC. You need to read the full instruction on how to properly install the file on any Windows machine.


    • Download Snapseed for Windows
    • Get Snaptube for Windows Laptop
    • 7 Snaptube Alternatives
    • Connect with Tinder for PC

    How to Download and Install Google Duo for PC

    This method might not be the most convenient but it certainly is the best choice out there. And you do not have to hack or cheat your way just to get Google Duo on your Windows device. We will be using an Android emulator that runs Android apps and games. If you are familiar or have heard of BlueStacks Android emulator, that is what we will go for.

    1. You will need to download the BlueStacks installer either from their official website or from our very own download link. You may use the download button we provided so you can start downloading of the app.
    2. It would best serve you if you will use a download booster and accelerator to make the download a bit faster. The IDM app can give you up to five times faster download speed.
    3. When you are done downloading the installer, double-click on it to start the installation.
    4. Follow the on-screen instruction and give permission for BlueStacks to download. You may choose to create a new folder or just use the Program Files folder instead.
    5. It will take a few minutes but as soon as the BlueStacks finishes the installation, find the desktop icon immediately.
    6. Double-click on the icon to initialize the program.
    7. Follow the instruction by clicking on the BlueStacks screen. Also, try to familiarize the on-screen button while you’re at it.
    8. When you reach the BlueStacks main interface, do not do anything yet. Leave the emulator running as you will need to do another thing first.
    9. We have provided you with the Google Duo APK using the download button. Find that download button somewhere here in this article and click on it to start the download.
    10. When the APK file is ready, double-click on the APK to start the installation to the BlueStacks. Or just drag and drop the APK file to the BlueStacks screen. It should then automatically download the Google Duo.
    11. When it finishes, you can then use the Google Duo for PC. Be reminded that you will need a phone number for this to work so ready your smartphone for one-time verification.
    12. Enjoy!

    Download BlueStacks Installer

    In Conclusion

    This method might not be the official Google Duo for PC but it still features all the functionalities of the Android app version. No more and nothing less.

    Depending on your Windows device, the performance of the app will be reliant on those factors. Not to mention the integrity of the internet signal that you will be using to make the calls.

    So in today’s question, why do you think Google has made an excellent decision for creating a dedicated app solely for video calling? Do you think there is another feature that Google Duo should have? Tell us what you think or share us your ideas in the comment section below. We will love to read all your suggestions.

    And if you think you have a very important question for us regarding this topic, feel free to leave it as well down in the comment section. We will respond to them as soon as we read them. Or perhaps, other visitors can oblige and answer the question for us.

    What Are The Best Education Apps?

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    I remember back when I was younger and was piled up with homework. There were 3 lb textbooks, an agenda as big as a Bible and trying to get assignments done took forever on my families old computer. Today, you can have your textbooks on your phones, organize your due dates and big events on your phone and even put together assignments on them. You can research, socialize with classmates and keep up to date on your school’s news all from your mobile device. Technology has made being a student so much easier, and here are some apps that can make you feel at ease.

    Google Calendar

    Having Google Calendar can replace your student agenda. Not necessarily the parts of school policy and contact info, but you can always add that into Google Keep. When you have something due, you can log it into the calendar and set however many notification and email alerts as you want to make sure you get it in on time. This can be great for setting due dates down the road for big tests and school events as well. Got a big spring dance coming up? Make sure to put it into Calendar and give yourself enough reminders that you can ask your crush to join you.


    This fun app is geared towards younger students. Created by Google, kids can use pre-animated cartoons and move them around how they want their ‘Toon’ to be. Children Technology Review, Common Sense Media, BolognaRagazzi have all given this collection of 3D toys a thumbs up for the creativity inspired game. There are dozens of colorful and famous figures which can be customized, and you can create and design your own as well. You can add your own soundtrack and choose from 3 story types, a science report, classic, or short story. Once your child has made their masterpiece, you can export and share it. This is a wonderful way to get your kids to use their creativity and learn the basics of storytelling and writing.

    Park Math – by Duck Duck Moose

    This is another app geared towards elementary-level kids. Using Common Core State Standards, users do math problems in a cartoon and animated setting. It has 3 levels, including counting and basic arithmetic problems up to 50. Given a perfect 5 score by Common Sense Media, it includes exercises where picking up fallen apples can teach subtraction, counting by feeding a hippo and balancing a see-saw for greater/less than lessons. Your child can easily navigate through the screens by kite or a skating.

    Microsoft Office 365

    Office is synonymous with document creation. For years, Microsoft has produced the suite which includes the ability to make spreadsheets, slideshows, essays, presentations and more. With a subscription to 365, you can login to the services whether on your laptop at school, desktop at home or device on the road to and from school. Simply create and edit your documents and save them to your Microsoft One cloud account, and then access them again on any device that has 365. This can be great for getting assignments and papers done on the go, and sharing choices can make sure you get it in the hands of your teacher just before the due date.

    123 Color HD: Talking Coloring Book (Words Spoken In English, Spanish, French and German)

    The New York Times, Babble, Women’s Day, and Padgadget all gave this interactive coloring book a lot of love. With multiple languages reading out things like colors, numbers and letters, your child can learn what each is while feverishly coloring away. There’s 200 plus different pages for them to stay busy with, which includes maps and compound shapes on iPad’s version. As they color away with their fingers, they’ll learn to spell and hear popular nursery rhymes as they work away. This is a great app to teach your child art skills as well as introduce them to spelling, counting and learning new languages.


    This fun matching game is great for kids of all ages and can help them develop both their memory and concentration skills. There are 31 different animals that come with funny sounds when they’re matched, and users can keep track of their highest score and best time. This app is a fun match game for all sorts of occasions, being featured as a great travel game by the New York Times.


    Conventional reading may be down because of modern technology, but the opportunities and different ways to read are way up. Learning to read has never been more fun, and it doesn’t have to be in front of a desktop or laptop. Instead, you can give your child your mobile device on long road trips or just giving them alternative games to play. This app is animated with bright colors and animated animals. There are several different exercises to play, such as matching letters to pictures, item identification and races to try and read the fastest. Children will see a black and white picture and after reading the various items, find them on the page to fill them with color. They can learn to sound out vowels and consonants and sound out the various words they’ll see. This is a great app to get early readers excited and interacting with words.

    8 Planets Pro

    Does your child love space and planets? Then this themed spelling app is for them. They can do memory exercises, fill in the blanks, or learn spelling via planet and space words. The highly-interactive app offers report cards and rewards for accomplishments within the app, and can help them with sorting, attentiveness motor development, identification, and cognitive skills.

    What are the best education apps?

    How we learn has changed drastically with the advent of technology. Just because kids are always texting and taking selfies, doesn’t mean they can’t use devices to their advantage. One things kids will always love is having fun, and with these apps you can let them have as much fun as possible before they realize they’re doing work. These apps listed are meant to improve your child’s educational experience and give them an opportunity to learn and enjoy themselves all while you get a breather yourself.

    ShowBox App Download For PC, Mac, IOS and Android [*Latest*]

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    ShowBox App Download

    ShowBox App Download: Technology has come across immense innovations in the last few years. And the results can be viewed if we look at the apps which have come into being. These days, apps have become so efficient that it can perform a lot of functions. One such feature is downloading and streaming videos from different sources. There are many such apps available, but when it comes to performance, Showbox ranks ahead within the top bracket. And in this following article, we focus on bringing forth all the details that you need to be aware of before you download Showbox for PC running on Windows or any other Operating system.

    Showbox Apk: Best Android App to Watch Free Movies

    Showbox App Features: The Outstanding Ones As we have already mentioned, the Showbox App is one of the best in business among the ones which are available currently in the online app market. And here is the validation of that claim. Go through the given features, and you will know why it is presently an unmatched app.

    First of all, it allows both the download as well as the streaming of movies and popular TV series which are currently in discussions. You can choose the resolution of the video in which you want to download the film or the TV series. Another important aspect of the Showbox app features is that the videos have got subtitles as well. One can also get the latest news and updates related to the upcoming TV series and movies. A user will also be allowed to bookmark a particular video and can watch the video later on from the ‘Favorites’ section.

    Download Showbox APK for Android Devices

    One of the many benefits of the Showbox Apk is the fact that there are plenty of changes and updates/upgrades that are seen in the version after version. Every time there is an update, we bring you all the latest benefits and advantages of the updated Apk. This month too, the developers of the app have given us a surprise by releasing a new upgrade. Here, we give you the very latest Showbox Apk file version and the essential details.

    Application NameShowbox App.
    Latest Version: 5.10
    Release Date: July, 2018.
    Size: 39.18MB
    Compatibility: All the devices that are running on Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and above are compatible.
    Bugs Fixed/Issues
    Solved A couple of issues have now been fixed.

    ShowBox App Download

    Some ShowBox App Features

    They include: Some playback issues have now been made better/fixed.
    Interface changes are now more noticeable
    This app now supports more languages
    A few persistent glitches have now been fixed as well.
    The developer often releases updated apk files of the Showbox app. And the latest one which has come out on July 27 is the 4.93 version.
    For further details, refer below.
    Showbox Apk Latest Version (v5.10) 

    File: General Information

    Name: Showbox apk
    Version: 4.93
    Released on: July, 2018
    File Size: 39.28 MB
    Compatibility: Android 4.0 and higher
    Notes: The new updated version has brought in bug fixes Not all movies had subtitles. The Showbox apk latest version has added captions to a few more movies.

    Download Showbox App for Android Devices (Easy Steps to Follow)

    Now you know why we recommended this particular app. And from here on we will provide the guidelines for downloading it on your electronic device. At first, we cite the steps that you need to follow to download Showbox latest APK for Android. And before we go into the process, we would like to inform that you cannot download this application from the official app store of any of the famous software developers. And hence, you need to download the apk file of the app to avail all the benefits of the app.

    Step 1: Go to Settings find out Security settings of your smartphone. There you need to toggle on the ‘Unknown Sources’. This will enable you to download an app which is not available on Google Play Store.

    Step 2: Now you have the license to download and install Showbox apk on your smartphone. Go to the download link we have provided and wait for the downloading process to get over.

    Step 3: Once you are over with it, restart your device. And the moment you are back on your ‘Home’ screen, you can spot the Showbox icon. Click on it, and you have the massive world of movies and TV series at your disposal.

    Download Showbox App for PC: 3 Exclusive Methods You know how to download this fantastic video by downloading the app on your Android device. You will surely be intrigued to come across the methods that you need to follow to download Showbox App for Windows PC.

    But one thing should be mentioned that the application is not officially available for this particular OS. And thus you need to download the APK file with the help of an Android emulator.

    So here are three natural methods that will enable you to get hold of the app on your laptop or desktop running on the Windows operating system.

    Showbox Apk for Windows: Minimum System Requirements
    Ahead of moving on to the simple steps here is a check on what you need to have inside your Windows PC to enjoy proper functioning of the app.

    The system requirements are given as follows.

    OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
    RAM: 512 MB at least
    Free Space: 20 GB

    Download Showbox App for PC: Method 1 (via Nox App Player)

    In the first method, we cite the steps that you should follow to install the apk file of the Showbox app on your personal computer with the help of Nox Android emulator.

    Nox app player is an app which has come up the ranks in the recent times. Here goes the guideline for downloading this particular using Nox App Player.

    Step 1: Download the Nox App Player from its official website and install it on your device.

    Step 2: Now download the latest Showbox apk from the given link.

    Step 3: Open Nox App Player. In the Toolbox, you can find the ‘Add APK’ option. Once you click on it, another dialogue box will open.

    Step 4: You will be asked to choose the app that you wish to get hold of, Showbox in this case. Add it from where you have stored it. That will initiate the installation process and once it gets over you are ready to use it.

    Showbox for Windows PC: Method 2 (using YouWave Android Emulator)

    You can go for the YouWave as an alternative to the Nox App Player. And here are the steps that you can follow to download Showbox for PC on your device with the assistance of Remix OS.

    Step 1: Download the YouWave Android emulator from the official website of the app. Install it once the download gets over.

    Step 2: Now get hold of the apk file of the app in concern from the link provided here and store it somewhere you can get access to quickly.

    Step 3: When the download is completed, go to the file and ‘right-click’ on it. The drop down has the option “Open with”. From there, click on YouWave emulator.

    Step 4: Select it which will initiate the installation. When it is done, you can find the app icon in the ‘All Apps’ section of your PC.

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    Install Showbox on Windows PC: Method 3 (using AMIDuOS)

    The third method uses AMIDuOS as the Android emulator. It is a well-known software which is slowly gaining, even more, popularity among the users. And to check out how to download the Showbox for PC with the AMIDuOS, scroll down slowly.

    Step 1: Like in the previous two, download the AMIDuOS Android emulatorfrom the official website which you can spot easily on the internet, or even you can get it from here. After downloading it to install it.

    Step 2: In the second step, you need to download the Showbox apk. Click here to get the file.

    Step 3: After downloading it, ‘right-click’ on it. The drop down will give the ‘Open With’ option where you can find ‘Apple to DuOS’. Click on it.

    Step 4: The installation process will follow, and when it is over, you will be able to find the Showbox icon on your PC. Click on it, and you have a massive list of movies and TV shows waiting for you.

    Download Showbox App for Mac: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

    We have already provided the guidelines for the downloading the app on your PC. Now we have the users of devices running the Mac OS which would like to download this incredible video downloading and streaming app. For all those who want to download the Showbox for Mac, we have the steps listed below.

    Step 1: For downloading the apk file of the app for Windows, we had some Android emulators to choose from (we opted for three). But here you need to create an account on Genymotion Mac OS X. Then download it on your Mac.

    Step 2: Download Virtual Box and subsequently install it.

    Step 3: Now login to the Genymotion. There you will find an ‘Add’ button which gives you the option of adding an Android smartphone. Select any of the brands, say LG for instance. You will get many LG smartphones to choose from.

    Step 4: The moment you select one with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and Android version 4.4.4 or later (LG G6 for instance), the user interface of the Mac device changes into the user interface of that particular smartphone.

    Step 5: The initial stages are done and now download the Showbox latest apk file from the link provided here.

    Step 6: Drag and drop the file to the virtual device which will kick-start the installation of the app. (You might need to update the app).

    Step 7: One thing you need to do before the installation of the app is, change the settings of your device where you will be redirected automatically. Tick the Unknown sources and wait till installation of Showbox for Mac gets completed.

    Showbox for iOS: Is it Even Possible?

    You might be eager to come across the process that you need to follow to download the Showbox for iOS. But to the utter misfortune of the users of iOS devices, a version of the app compatible with iOS is still not available. There are chances that in the coming days the developers will release one that will make the app available for the iOS users. But at this moment you need to carry on by downloading the alternatives to Showbox for iOS.

    Wrap Up

    After going through this entire write-up, and we can assume that you have got an idea of how the Showbox app works. And if that impresses you enough, you can follow the methods that we have cited to download the Showbox apk for Windows or even Mac. In case, you come across any difficulty accessing the mighty Showbox Android App, feel free to leave your queries here. We promise to provide you with a solution at the earliest.

    Netflix MOD APK Premium Download Latest Version (2019)

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    Who does not wish to own a Netflix account and watch infinite amazing TV Shows, series and movies from all across the globe? But wait, not every such person would be willing to spend their hard earned money over just a means of entertainment.

    If you are one such sensible person then nothing to worry now that you have landed here. In this article, we are sharing with you Netflix  Mod Apk Premium download link and installation guide for the same. You might be wondering what that means?

    To put in simple words, it is an app through which you can have free browsing on Netflix and enjoy Netflix show and movies for free! So what are you still waiting for? Here we go-

    About Netflix Mod Apk

    Contents [show]

    Netflix, as we know, comes with high subscription amounts. To help people who love Netflix but do not prefer spending such heavy amounts, all over the world come over it, developers have created mod apk for Netflix.

    • Save

    One such mod apk for Netflix is the Netflix Mod apk premium. Now you do not have to waste bucks over entertainment through Netflix. Here is the solution that you need. You can use Netflix Mod Apkand watch videos, shows, and movies, all for free of cost!

    Netflix Mod Apk Premium Download

    APP NAMENETFLIX MOD APK PREMIUMApp Size4.3 MBApp version6.12.0Last Updated27 February 2019  Download

    Here are some Common Netflix Issues and Error Codes and solutions to fix them.

    Prerequisites to Install Netflix Mod apk Premium

    Before getting into the actual procedure of installing Netflix mod apk, you will have to follow the below requirements-

    • Download Netflix Mod Apk Premium from the link given above.
    • From the Our Blog, download and Install MX Player Pro.
    • Enable Unknown Sources option. You can do so by going to the Settings> Security> Unknown Sources Toggle> Switch On.
    • Save
    • Save

    Install Netflix Mod apk Premium

    Given below is a short step-by-step article that you will have to follow in order to install Netflix premium Apk on your device.

    Step 1:- Assuming that you have followed the prerequisite, open the downloaded Netflix Mod Apk Premium file from the File Manager.

    Step 2:- Once the file opens, Click on the Install Button.

    • Save

    Step 3:- After the file is installed, open the app. You will see a pop-up appear on the screen. Simply choose MX Player from the given list.

    • Save
    • Save

    Remember to follow the prerequisite or else you will not see the YesPlayer in the options. You can go for MX Player Pro too, but we suggest you YesPlayer as you will be less interrupted by the ads in this video player.

    You are done here now! Binge watch as much as you want and for as long as you want.

    Netflix Mod Apk Premium Features

    Below, I have mentioned a few notable features of this app named Netflix Mod Apk Premium. I hope you all find these features useful in choosing whether this app provides you what you are looking for in the first place.

    • There is no need to Login or register to use Netflix mod apk.
    • No ads for the interruption! Once you install the app there’s the only selection of what you want to see and no sort of ads or interruptions.
    • You will find unlimited TV shows, series and movies to watch in the Netflix mod apk Premium version.
    • The video resolution varies from 2k to 4k! If you have a great WiFi connection and a reliable smartphone then the 4k resolution is what you can enjoy easily.
    • Everything for free! You do not have to pay for anything to enjoy over this apk.

    At times, if you are using a Smart TV to binge watch on Netflix, you may come across some errors.  Of which the Netflix UI-800-2 error is quite common. You can click on the link here to fix that error. Fix Netflix Code UI-800-2 on Smart TV.

    Wrapping Up

    That was it about Netflix mod Apk premium. I assume you all found the article useful in downloading and inst. In case of any doubts or queries, do let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you as soon as possible!

    Keep visiting our page-Android Jungles for more such APKs or you can also subscribe to our newsletter and get abreast notifications of our posts.

    Downloading and Installing Nier Automata PC Download

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    Good video game with role playing elements usually becomes hype among gaming fans. This type of game tends to be more immersive than others because player can relate more to the game’s character. As a game of such type, Nier Automata PC download is without doubt beloved by many gamers. Developer PlatinumGames had been starting on this project since 2014 before releasing it to worldwide public on March 2017. Reviews on this battle game are mostly favorable.

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    System Requirements

    In this game, player will explore an open world. They can either exploring the world by foot or getting a ride on some animals or flying ship. Throughout their journey, they have to battle many enemies. Four kinds of weapons can be accessed by player, including spears and swords. Generally, there are two modes of attack by player. The first one is light attack, which does have ample strength but happens fast. The second one is heavy attack which tends to be slower. As gamer makes progresses, they get experience points.

    What are the basic requirements for Nier Automata PC download? Core i3-2100 is the most basic central processor for running this game. But if player wants to have more pleasurable gaming experience, computer with Core i5-4670 is strongly recommended for enhancing that. A10-7805K from AMD is also an alternative processor. To process graphics in this game, developer suggested Geforce GTX 980 with 4 GB video RAM for maximum quality display. Nonetheless, GeForce GTX 770 with 2 GB video RAM is enough as starter.

    A 50 GB space should be freed in your hard disk to accommodate Nier Automata PC download. It also needs to be accompanied by at least 4 GB RAM to prevent lagging. Greater result will be shown if your computer has a RAM size of 8 GB. The PC version of this game is solely designed for Windows computers. Windows 7 is the minimum requirement for operating system. PROMOTED CONTENT     Take (1) Cup of This (Before Bed) & Flush Away Your Belly Fat!         Are You 25-45 Years Old? Start Making ₹10,000 Per Hour Now!         Stop Disappointing In Bed – Try This Simple Trick Tonight!         Play Free Online Game!      

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    How to Download and Install

    Now that you have learned the basic system requirements to have this game, you need to learn how to download it. A retail software and hardware shop called Steam is offering the official version of this game at its website. Registering an account then installing program on to your PC are crucial steps. Here are the steps to obtain Nier Automata PC download.

    • Visit
    • Select link “Add to cart” under “Buy Nier Automata Basic Edition”
    • Since this game is going to be on your personal device, click “Purchase for myself”
    • Pick the right payment method
    • After reading, pick the method of payment
    • Choose “Purchase” after reading terms of agreement
    • Launch the app after turning off your antivirus programs
    • Visit “Library”
    • From the bellow right part, select “Add Game” and type down member group’s title
    • Select “Authenticate a game on Steam”
    • Enter the activation code of this game. The code is the one that you receive upon purchasing
    • Game is downloaded and installed

    Once you have installed Nier Automata PC download, you will have a hard time leaving your desks. Even if this game is very interactive, please play responsibly!