Downloading and Installing Nier Automata PC Download

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    Good video game with role playing elements usually becomes hype among gaming fans. This type of game tends to be more immersive than others because player can relate more to the game’s character. As a game of such type, Nier Automata PC download is without doubt beloved by many gamers. Developer PlatinumGames had been starting on this project since 2014 before releasing it to worldwide public on March 2017. Reviews on this battle game are mostly favorable.

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    System Requirements

    In this game, player will explore an open world. They can either exploring the world by foot or getting a ride on some animals or flying ship. Throughout their journey, they have to battle many enemies. Four kinds of weapons can be accessed by player, including spears and swords. Generally, there are two modes of attack by player. The first one is light attack, which does have ample strength but happens fast. The second one is heavy attack which tends to be slower. As gamer makes progresses, they get experience points.

    What are the basic requirements for Nier Automata PC download? Core i3-2100 is the most basic central processor for running this game. But if player wants to have more pleasurable gaming experience, computer with Core i5-4670 is strongly recommended for enhancing that. A10-7805K from AMD is also an alternative processor. To process graphics in this game, developer suggested Geforce GTX 980 with 4 GB video RAM for maximum quality display. Nonetheless, GeForce GTX 770 with 2 GB video RAM is enough as starter.

    A 50 GB space should be freed in your hard disk to accommodate Nier Automata PC download. It also needs to be accompanied by at least 4 GB RAM to prevent lagging. Greater result will be shown if your computer has a RAM size of 8 GB. The PC version of this game is solely designed for Windows computers. Windows 7 is the minimum requirement for operating system. PROMOTED CONTENT     Take (1) Cup of This (Before Bed) & Flush Away Your Belly Fat!         Are You 25-45 Years Old? Start Making ₹10,000 Per Hour Now!         Stop Disappointing In Bed – Try This Simple Trick Tonight!         Play Free Online Game!      

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    How to Download and Install

    Now that you have learned the basic system requirements to have this game, you need to learn how to download it. A retail software and hardware shop called Steam is offering the official version of this game at its website. Registering an account then installing program on to your PC are crucial steps. Here are the steps to obtain Nier Automata PC download.

    • Visit
    • Select link “Add to cart” under “Buy Nier Automata Basic Edition”
    • Since this game is going to be on your personal device, click “Purchase for myself”
    • Pick the right payment method
    • After reading, pick the method of payment
    • Choose “Purchase” after reading terms of agreement
    • Launch the app after turning off your antivirus programs
    • Visit “Library”
    • From the bellow right part, select “Add Game” and type down member group’s title
    • Select “Authenticate a game on Steam”
    • Enter the activation code of this game. The code is the one that you receive upon purchasing
    • Game is downloaded and installed

    Once you have installed Nier Automata PC download, you will have a hard time leaving your desks. Even if this game is very interactive, please play responsibly!

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